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—This paper provides a framework to obtain the optimal bidding strategy of a price-taker producer. An appropriate forecasting tool is used to estimate the probability density functions of next-day hourly market-clearing prices. This probabilistic information is used to formulate a self-scheduling profit maximization problem that is solved taking advantage(More)
—This paper addresses the self-scheduling of a hydro generating company in a pool-based electricity market. This company comprises several cascaded plants along a river basin. The objective is to maximize the profit of the company from selling energy in the day-ahead market. This paper proposes a 0/1 mixed-integer linear programming model to account, in(More)
—This paper presents a multiperiod electricity auction market tool that explicitly takes into account transmission congestion and losses as well as intertemporal operating constraints such as start-up costs, ramp rates, and minimum up and down times that may be included in any generating unit's composite bid. This approach , which requires only existing(More)
— This paper addresses the self-scheduling problem faced by a price-maker to achieve maximum profit in a pool-based electricity market. An exact and computationally efficient mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) formulation of this problem is presented. This formulation models precisely the price-maker capability of altering market-clearing prices to its(More)
—The target of an oligopolistic generating company in a pool-based electric power market is to maximize its profits using two related instruments at hand: 1) its ability to modify the market-clearing price and 2) its capability to alter its own production level. Power balance is not an issue for the generating company ; the independent system operator(More)
The notion of umbrella contingencies is rigorously defined in the context of the security-constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem in both its deterministic and probabilistic forms. The set of umbrella contingencies is a subset of the set of credible contingencies that is sufficient to attain levels of security and economic performance identical or(More)