José Manuel Arroyo

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Advances in treatment of breast cancer have not avoided using mastectomy in all cases, and when this happens, we are dealing with a woman who is suffering from psychological problems. In order to study this issue we have carried out a research with the collaboration of The Andalusian Association of Women with Mastectomies (AMAMA) in Seville, which provided(More)
—Two-stage robust optimization has emerged as a relevant approach to deal with uncertain demand and generation capacity in the transmission network expansion planning problem. Unfortunately, available solution methodologies for the resulting trilevel robust counterpart are unsuitable for large-scale problems. In order to overcome this shortcoming, this(More)
Structural reliability and decomposition techniques have recently proved to be appropriate tools for solving robust uncertain mixed-integer linear programs using ellipsoidal uncertainty sets. In fact, its computational performance makes this type of problem to be an alternative method in terms of tractability with respect to robust problems based on(More)
– We present an incentive scheme to stimulate investment in the improvement/expansion of the transmission network in the competitive market environment. The formulation of these incentives is based on a decentralized transmission asset investment model and is derived from the value added to the social welfare by an asset investment. In the formulation, we(More)
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