José Manoel de Seixas

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BACKGROUND Clinicians in countries with high tuberculosis (TB) prevalence often treat pleural TB based on clinical grounds, as the availability and sensitivity of diagnostic tests are poor. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the role of artificial neural networks (ANN) as an aid for the non-invasive diagnosis of pleural TB. These tools can be used in simple computer(More)
Pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) remains a worldwide public health problem. Diagnostic algorithms to identify the best combination of diagnostic tests for PTB in each setting are needed for resource optimization. We developed one artificial neural network model for classification (multilayer perceptron—MLP) and another risk group assignment (self-organizing(More)
In the information era, databases in companies and research centres are getting larger, which makes the quality of data a key issue. In this paper, independent component analysis is used for data quality monitoring of electric load time series. The independent component analysis was applied in the preprocessing phase, which increased the data quality system(More)
The estimation of the Direction Of Arrival (DOA) of signals in a set of sensors has applications in different engineering areas. In submarine acoustics, the DOA estimates for a passive sonar system has the objective to inform the presence of a target (ship) in one determined direction (bearing). In accordance to the bearing's resolution, space interference(More)
This work reports on the development of a multichannel analyzer (MCA) circuit for use in radiation detection. The MCA is based on a fast analog-to-digital converter (ADC) plus a digital circuitry programmed on a complex programmable logic device (CPLD). The ADC digitizes the input signals with high accuracy and low nonlinearity while the CPLD performs the(More)