José Ma Alunda

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy of the combination of allicin and amphotericin deoxycholate (AmB) in the chemotherapy of Leishmania infantum infection with the final aim of reducing the dose of(More)
A somatic protein from adult Haemonchus contortus (Hc23), the most abundant component in a low molecular weight fraction with known immunizing effect against experimental haemonchosis, has been(More)
A survey of abomasal parasites in cervids from Central Spain was conducted at 3 sites, Quintos de Mora (Toledo), Maluéñez de Arriba (Cáceres), and La Herguijuela (Cáceres). Commonly occurring(More)
Sequences of ITS-1 and ITS-2 rDNA for adult males of Spiculopteragia asymmetrica and Spiculopteragia quadrispiculata in red deer (Cervus elaphus) were determined. They were found to be identical,(More)
Intestinal helminth infections are common and of paramount economic importance in domestic animals. Available chemotherapy is limited and anthelmintic resistance is widespread in some hosts. This(More)
Gene encoding a somatic protein of Haemonchus contortus (Hc23) known to confer significant protection against experimental haemonchosis has been cloned and expressed in a prokaryotic system. A cDNA(More)