José M. Vázquez

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The canine flexor carpi radialis is subdivided into 2 portions. The radial portion which occupies one third of the cross-section is located caudomedially and is composed only of large type I fibres (43.53 +/- 0.6 microns minimum diameter) in levels close to the insertion. The cubital portion is located craniolaterally and contains fewer and smaller type I(More)
Sperm DNA fragmentation was analysed in 113 semen samples obtained from different rams over a period of one year. Semen samples were collected from: unvaccinated rams between January and June (Control group 1; CG1); vaccinated rams at least 70 days after vaccination between October and December (Control group 2; CG2); vaccinated rams 20 days after(More)
The objective of this study was to define the anatomy of the cranioencephalic structures and associated formations in camel using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MR images were acquired in sagittal, transverse and oblique dorsal planes, using spin-echo techniques, a magnet of 1.5 T and a standard human body coil. MR images were compared with corresponding(More)
BACKGROUND There is a need to evaluate the professionals' perception about the consequences of the lack of therapeutic adherence in the evolution of patients with co-occurring disorders. METHODS An online survey, released on the Socidrogalcohol [Spanish Scientific Society for Research on Alcohol, Alcoholism and other Drug Addictions] and Sociedad Española(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the degree of risk factor control, the clinical symptoms and the therapeutic management of patients with a history of previous myocardial infarction. METHODS Cross-sectional study at 6 years of a first episode of acute myocardial infarction between 2000 and 2009, admitted at a hospital in the region of Extremadura (Spain). Of 2177(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to describe the normal appearance of the bony and soft tissue structures of the stifle joint of a Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) by low-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and the use of gross anatomical dissections performed as anatomical reference. A cadaver of a mature female was imaged by MRI using specific(More)
PURPOSE To analyze and compare the changes in visual function under mesopic and photopic conditions in different stages of keratoconus before and after Keraring intrastromal corneal ring segment (ICRS) implantation. SETTING Clinico San Carlos Hospital and Faculty of Optics and Optometry, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain. DESIGN Case series. (More)
Reusing the data collected during an epidemiological study is a complex task. This is mainly due to the frequent utilization of traditional storage supports, as well as specific formats and/or terminologies which can make it difficult to integrate the gathered data with data from other information resources. Using terms from the UMLS Metathesaurus, we have(More)