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– The phenomenon of spatial coherence resonance is presented and studied. Specifically , we show that spatiotemporal noise is able to optimally extract an intrinsic spatial scale in nonlinear media close to (but before) a pattern-forming instability. This effect is observed in a model of pattern-forming chemical reaction and in the Swift-Hohenberg model of(More)
We present an analytic and numerical study of the effects of external fluctuations in active media. Our analytical methodology transforms the initial stochastic partial differential equations into an effective set of deterministic reaction-diffusion equations. As a result we are able to explain and make quantitative predictions on the systematic and(More)
We propose a novel mechanism leading to spatiotemporal oscillations in extended systems that does not rely on local bulk instabilities. Instead, oscillations arise from the interaction of two subsystems of different spatial dimensionality. Specifically, we show that coupling a passive diffusive bulk of dimension d with an excitable membrane of dimension d-1(More)
In this paper, we present a model of a symmetric Brownian motor which changes the sign of its velocity when the temperature gradient is inverted. The velocity, external work, and efficiency are studied as a function of the temperatures of the baths and other relevant parameters. The motor shows a current reversal when another parameter (a phase shift) is(More)
Low-copy-number molecules are involved in many functions in cells. The intrinsic fluctuations of these numbers can enable stochastic switching between multiple steady states, inducing phenotypic variability. Herein we present a theoretical and computational study based on Master Equations and Fokker-Planck and Langevin descriptions of stochastic switching(More)
Kinesin and related motor proteins utilize ATP fuel to propel themselves along the external surface of microtubules in a processive and directional fashion. We show that the observed step-like motion is possible through time-varying charge distributions furnished by the ATP hydrolysis cycle while the static charge configuration on the microtubule provides(More)
External fluctuations have a wide variety of constructive effects on the dynamical behavior of spatially extended systems, as described by stochastic partial differential equations. A set of paradigmatic situations exhibiting such effects are briefly reviewed in this paper, in an attempt to provide a concise but thorough introduction to this active field of(More)
One-dimensional arrays of nonlinear electronic circuits are shown to support propagation of pulses when operating in a locally bistable regime, provided the circuits are under the influence of a global noise. These external random fluctuations are applied to the parameter that controls the transition between bistable and monostable dynamics in the(More)
We show that external fluctuations induce excitable behavior in a bistable spatially extended system with activator-inhibitor dynamics of the FitzHugh-Nagumo type. This can be understood as a mechanism for sustained signal propagation in bistable media. The phase diagram of the stochastic system is analytically obtained and numerically verified. For(More)