José M. Ramírez

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This paper describes the first implementation of POIROT, a web search agent based on relevance, that determines the users interests inspecting the pages bookmarked in the web browser and extracting keywords using some information theory methods such as TF-IDF. The keywords are used to build a training set that is processed by an Inductive Logic Programming(More)
In Neural Networks models the knowledge synthesized from the training process is represented in a subsymbolic fashion (weights, kernels, combination of numerical descriptions) that makes diicult its interpretation. The interpretation of the internal representation of a successful Neural Network can be useful to understand the nature of the problem and its(More)
Laboratories working towards accreditation by the International Standards Organization (ISO) 15189 standard are required to demonstrate the validity of their analytical methods. The different guidelines set by various accreditation organizations make it difficult to provide objective evidence that an in-house method is fit for the intended purpose. Besides,(More)
This paper describes a method for the determination of the four grasping points that are necessary to get a force closure grasp for a planar object considering frictionless contacts. The geometric model of the object is assumed to be unknown. The proposed approach starts from the object boundary obtained from the binary digitalization of an object image,(More)
Past RoboCup competitions have shown the existence of many common problems with vision systems, that lead to bad tracking and loss of objects, causing loss of play time. The vision system is a fundamental piece of the soccer system, since it`s the main source of information. A robust and fault tolerant vision system is required, to allow the correct(More)