José M Peña

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Recent work in supervised learning has shown that a surprisingly simple Bayesian classifier with assumptions of conditional independence among features given the class, called na¨ıve Bayes, is competitive with state of the art clas-sifiers. On this paper a new naive Bayes classifier called Interval Estimation na¨ıve Bayes is proposed. Interval Estimation(More)
Traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury have recently been put under the spotlight as major causes of death and disability in the developed world. Despite the important ongoing experimental and modeling campaigns aimed at understanding the mechanics of tissue and cell damage typically observed in such events, the differentiated roles of strain, stress(More)
del proceso recibe el nombre de generación, y ´ este sigue ejecutándose hasta que se satisface cierto criterio de con-vergencia. La evolución diferencial (DE) es otro algoritmo de búsqueda introducido más recientemente y que fue con-cebido inicialmente para la resolución del problema de ajuste de polinomios de Chebychev [3]. Desde entonces, ha sido(More)
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