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This paper proposes and compares several methods for interactive volume rendering in mobile devices. This kind of devices has several restrictions and limitations both in performance and in storage capacity. The paper reviews the suitability of some existing direct volume rendering methods, and proposes a novel approach that takes advantage of the graphics(More)
Mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets are rapidly increasing their graphics and networking capabilities. However, real-time visualization of 3D maps is still a challenging task to accomplish on such limited devices. In this paper, we describe the principles involved in the design and development of a scalable client–server architecture for(More)
Volume rendering has been a relevant topic in scientific visualization for the last decades. However, the exploration of reasonably big volume datasets requires considerable computing power, which has limited this field to the desktop scenario. But the recent advances in mobile graphics hardware have motivated the research community to overcome these(More)
Several algorithms have been proposed during the past years to solve the ray-triangle intersection test. In this paper we collect the most prominent solutions and describe how to parallelize them on modern programmable graphics processing units (GPUs) by means of NVIDIA CUDA. This paper also provides a comprehensive performance analysis based on several(More)