José M. Morales Gil

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This paper presents a three-dimensional finite element tibio-femoral joint model of a human knee that was validated using experimental data. The geometry of the joint model was obtained from magnetic resonance (MR) images of a cadaveric knee specimen. The same specimen was biomechanically tested using a robotic/universal force-moment sensor (UFS) system and(More)
An increasing set of evidence has been reported on how consumers could potentially react to the introduction of genetically modified food. Studies typically contain some empirical evidence and some theoretical explanations of the data, however, to date limited effort has been posed on systematically reviewing the existing evidence and its implications for(More)
To establish a quantitative biomechanical relationship between the anterior cruciate ligament graft and the medial meniscus, 10 human cadaveric knees were examined using the robotic/universal force-moment sensor testing system. In response to a combined 134-N anterior and 200-N axial compressive tibial load, the resulting kinematics of the knee and the in(More)
Hernia is especially prevalent in developing countries where the population is obliged to undertake strenuous work in order to survive, and International Cooperation Programmes are helping to solve this problem. However, the quality of surgical interventions is unknown. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the quality of hernia repair(More)
We studied the effects of 2 different cooling rates during equilibration of semen from room temperature to 4 degrees C, at 4.2 degrees C/min (control split sample) or at 0.1 degree C/min (treatment split sample) on in vitro sperm viability post thawing and fertility after AI. Forty batches of split-frozen semen from 14 dairy bulls (Swedish Red and White(More)
The aims of the present study were to evaluate the influence of bone mineral content (BMC) and density on the behavior of the lumbar vertebra during compression and to determine critical points during compression. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) and compression tests were performed on 44 vertebral bodies obtained from 22 cadavers. The results of the(More)
BACKGROUND The consequences of atrial fibrillation (AF) on morbido-mortality of patients on hemodialysis have not been fully explored. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of AF in patients on hemodialysis and to evaluate its influence on the development of thromboembolic phenomena (TEP). METHODS The incidence of AF in 190 patients(More)
This review considers the use of prostaglandin F(2α) and its synthetic analogues (PG) for controlling the estrous cycle of the ewe. Aspects such as phase of the estrus cycle, PG analogues, PG doses, ovarian follicle development pattern, CL formation, progesterone synthesis, ovulation rate, sperm transport, embryo quality, and fertility rates after PG(More)
Using a two-step extension methodology, two experiments were conducted using a split-sample design to compare the effect on post-thaw ram sperm parameters of a milk-based extender (Experiment 1) containing four different egg yolk concentrations (5% [M5], 10% [M10], 15% [M15], and 20% [M20]), and a commercially available extender (Bioexcell); IMV, L'Aigle,(More)
The objective of the present study was to confirm the presence of prematurely capacitated spermatozoa in frozen-thawed bull semen and to investigate the relationship of premature capacitation to the fertility of the respective semen. Twenty batches of frozen semen from young AI bulls of the Swedish Red and White breed with known fertility (expressed as(More)