José M. Matías

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We analyze the matching conditions to determine the values that the O(p4) coefficients of an Effective Chiral Lagrangian take in the Standard Model in the limit of a large Higgs mass, pointing out a number of subtleties that appear to have gone unnoticed previously. We apply the resulting Effective Chiral Lagrangian, including the leading two loop effects,(More)
This paper presents the results of the first Spanish field trial carried out to analyze a DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) system in the medium-wave band. A 4-kW average power omni directional ground-wave experimental DRM transmission at a frequency of 1359 kHz was surveyed by means of a measurement vehicle for fixed and mobile reception. Several radial routes(More)
The internal gravity waves of low frequency which are emitted at the base of the solar convection zone are able to extract angular momentum from the radiative interior. We evaluate this transport with some simplifying assumptions: we ignore the Coriolis force, approximate the spectrum of turbulent convection by the Kolmogorov law, and couple this turbulence(More)