José M. Martinez

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The abundance, seasonal activity patterns and development rates of the tick Ixodes ricinus (L.) (Acari: Ixodidae), as well as microclimate features of the site of study, are described for a 9-year-long study (1994-2002) in north-central Spain. According to drag captures, larvae had a unimodal activity pattern, with a maximum observed around July-August,(More)
Over three months of intensive training with a tactile stimulation device, 18 blind and 10 blindfolded seeing subjects improved in their ability to identify geometric figures by touch. Seven blind subjects spontaneously reported 'visual qualia', the subjective sensation of seeing flashes of light congruent with tactile stimuli. In the latter subjects(More)
Myotonic dystrophy (DM) is associated with an underlying CTG trinucleotide repeat expansion at a locus on chromosome 19q13.3. We have determined the repeat length in 23 DM patients with varying clinical severity of symptoms and various sizes of repeat amplification. We confirm that as in previous studies there is no strong correlation between repeat length(More)
OBJECTIVE The Catalan Health Interview Survey Follow-up Study analyzed survival differences according to comorbidity, using an adaptation of the Charlson's index. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Vital status was ascertained by record linkage with death certificates 5 years after interview. Three thousand one hundred five men and 3,536 women aged 40-84 years old(More)
BACKGROUND This study compares associations between types of employment and health indicators in the Second (ES1995) and the Third European Survey on Working Conditions (ES2000) by gender, adjusting for individual and country-level confounders. METHODS Two cross-sectional surveys of a representative sample of the European Union (EU) total active(More)
Given that aminopeptidase A is primarily responsible for cleaving aspartic acid and converting angiotensin II to angiotensin III, the purpose of the present study was to evaluate the activity of aminopeptidase A by determination of glutamate aminopeptidase activity (GluAP) and aspartate aminopeptidase activity (AspAP) (reported respectively as(More)
To assess changes in mental health in a sample of migrant workers after the eruption of the economic crisis in Spain. 318 migrant workers were interviewed. Mental health, sociodemographic, and economic crisis related variables were obtained through face-to-face (2008) and phone (2011) interviews. Prevalence of poor mental health (PMH) was compared(More)
We carried out a genotype-phenotype correlation study, based on clinical findings in 465 patients with myotonic dystrophy (DM), in order to assess [CTG] repeat number as a predictive test of disease severity. Our analysis showed that the DM subtypes defined by strict clinical criteria fall into three different classes with a log-normal distribution. This(More)
We studied the possible existence of physiological sex differences in serum aminopeptidase activities in mice, by evaluating the effect of gonadectomy and the in vitro response to the presence in the medium of cholesterol or steroid hormones. Alanyl- and glutamyl-aminopeptidase activities were measured in sera from male, female, orchiectomized and(More)
To explore definitions for multisite pain, and compare associations with risk factors for different patterns of musculoskeletal pain, we analysed cross-sectional data from the Cultural and Psychosocial Influences on Disability (CUPID) study. The study sample comprised 12,410 adults aged 20-59 years from 47 occupational groups in 18 countries. A standardised(More)