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Reading and phonological processing deficits have been the primary focus of neuroimaging studies addressing the neurologic basis of developmental dyslexia, but to date there has been no objective assessment of the consistency of these findings. To address this issue, spatial coordinates reported in the literature were submitted to two parallel activation(More)
A default mode network of brain regions is known to demonstrate coordinated activity during the resting state. While the default mode network is well characterized in adults, few investigations have focused upon its development. We scanned 9-13-year-old children with diffusion tensor imaging and resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. We(More)
OBJECTIVE Scientific findings regarding human pathogens and their host responses are buried in the growing volume of biomedical literature and there is an urgent need to mine information pertaining to pathogenesis-related proteins especially host pathogen protein-protein interactions (HP-PPIs) from literature. METHODS In this paper, we report our(More)
We used non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) in combination with the curvHDR method to identify cell populations in flow cytometry data for FflowCAP Challenge 2, in which the problem was unsupervised clustering with an unknown number of clusters. a relatively new matrix factorization approach, for which many algorithms have been developed; we are aware(More)
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