José M. Méndez

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In Rogerson and Restall’s (J Philos Log 36, 2006, p. 435), the “class of implication formulas known to trivialize (NC)” (NC abbreviates “naïve comprehension”) is recorded. The aim of this paper is to show how to invalidate any member in this class by using “weak relevant model structures”. Weak relevant model structures verify deep relevant logics only.
The range of propositional logics with the Converse Ackermann Property is proved to be wider than currently assumed. Subintuitionistic, positive intuitionistic and intuitionistic propositional logics with the Converse Ackermann Property are defined and axiomatized. A particular version of intuitionistic negation is involved in some of these systems.(More)
This paper investigates the uses of various kinds of hypermedia format for history learning, which specifically emphasizes on the role of causal reasoning about history accounts. Three different groups in the last school year of Secondary Education (aged 16) studied the same materials about the Discovery of America in three different formats: (a) linear(More)