José M Luque-Rodríguez

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A continuous approach for the ultrasound-assisted extraction of olive biophenols (OBPs) from olive leaves is proposed. Multivariate methodology was used to carry out a detailed optimisation of extraction. Under the optimal working conditions, complete extraction of the target analytes (namely, oleuropein, verbacoside, apigenin-7-glucoside and(More)
Microwave assistance is proposed for the first time in order to accelerate the extraction of biophenols from olive leaves. Under optimal working conditions, obtained using a multivariate methodology, complete extraction of the target analytes was achieved in 8 min. The extracts required no clean-up nor concentration prior to injection into a(More)
Grape skins from a grape pomace were subject to extraction with superheated ethanol-water mixtures for quantitative extraction of anthocyans and other phenolic compounds. The variables affecting dynamic extraction of these compounds were studied and identification and quantification of the extracted compounds were performed by both direct spectrophotometry(More)
Superheated hexane extraction has been tested for obtaining fatty acids from grape seed and compared with conventional Soxhlet and hot hexane extractions. Seeds from grape residues from a winery were dried for 46h at 105 degrees C, milled and sieved by particle size (d<0.42mm, 0.42<d<0.84mm and d>0.84mm). An optimization study of influential variables on(More)
A study of the nonvolatile fraction of extracts from vine shoots obtained by superheated ethanol-water mixtures is presented. The influence of the temperature, extraction time, and percentage of ethanol on extraction was investigated by a multivariate experimental design to maximize the yield of total phenolic compounds, measured by using the(More)
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