José M Laïlla Vicens

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OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between weight deficit at birth and IGF-I, IGFBP-I, Leptin, and AFP levels in amniotic fluid after 14-18 weeks; to assess the diagnostic usefulness of these biochemical markers. STUDY DESIGN Longitudinal, prospective study. Amniocentesis was performed in pregnant women after 14-18 weeks of gestation. STUDY POPULATION(More)
Haemangiopericytomas are ubiquitous tumours with an equivocal clinical and radiological expression. They generally have a slow course and the lesions are usually revealed by a non-specific mass effect on adjacent structures. The authors report a case of subcutaneous haemangiopericytoma of the elbow which presented clinically as a vascular malformation.(More)
The authors report a case of extra-skeletal mesenchymal chondrosarcoma in a 22 year old man. This rare tumour developed along the nerve tracts (nerve roots, sciatic nerve and gluteal nerves) with contiguous involvement of muscles and three different bones (vertebra, sacrum, iliac bone). The nature of the tumour could only be determined by histological(More)
Hydatid disease, an infestation of gastrointestinal origin, is essentially localized in the two principal filters of the body, the liver and the lung (80% of localizations); 20% correspond to a random distribution (brain, bones, kidneys, etc.). The observation of a new case of rare renal infestation (1 to 5% of all hydatid cysts) constitutes an occasion to(More)
Neurinomas of the vagus nerve are rare occurrences, and their localization to the abdominal portion of the nerve are even more exceptional events (two cases published). A case is reported where presenting symptoms were post-prandial abdominal pains of the pancreatic type. The lesion was of the necrotic hemorrhagic type. Radiological examinations confirmed(More)