José M. García-Miguel

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This is an overall description of ADESSE ("Base de datos de verbos, Alternancias de Diátesis y Esquemas Sintactico-Semánticos del Español"), an online database ( with syntactic and semantic information for all clauses in a corpus of Spanish. The manually annotated corpus has 1.5 million words, 159,000 clauses and 3,450 different verb(More)
This paper will present the design of a Galician syntactic corpus with application to intonation modeling. Our paper paid attention to phonetics and syntactic phenomena to achieve a comparison beetwen its appearances. A corpus of around 3000 sentences was designed with variation in the syntactic structure and the number of accent groups, and recorded by a(More)
CORILSE is a computerized corpus of Spanish Sign Language (Lengua de Signos Española, LSE). It consists of a set of recordings from different discourse genres by Galician signers living in the city of Vigo. In this paper we describe its annotation system, developed on the basis of pre-existing ones (mostly the model of Auslan corpus). This includes primary(More)
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