José M. Chaquet

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Vision-based human action and activity recognition has an increasing importance among the computer vision community with applications to visual surveillance, video retrieval and human–computer interaction. In recent years, more and more datasets dedicated to human action and activity recognition have been created. The use of these datasets allows us to(More)
A novel mesh-free approach for solving differential equations based on Evolution Strategies (ESs) is presented. Any structure is assumed in the equations making the process general and suitable for linear and nonlinear ordinary and partial differential equations (ODEs, PDEs), as well as systems of ordinary differential equations (SODEs). Candidate solutions(More)
A method for optimizing the number of airfoils of a turbine design is presented. The optimization consists of reducing the total number of airfoils meanwhile a set of geometric, aerodynamic and acoustic noise restrictions are fulfilled. It is described how is possible to reduce the problem degrees of freedom to just one variable per row. Due to the(More)
A novel genetic algorithm called GGA (Grid-based Genetic Algorithm) is presented to improve the optimization of multimodal real functions. The search space is discretized using a grid, making the search process more efficient and faster. An integer-real vector codes the genotype and a GA is used for evolving the population. The integer part allows us to(More)
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