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The purpose of this study is to investigate if, or under what conditions, fires select given land cover types for burning. If fires burn unselectively then the land cover composition (the proportional area of various land cover types) of individual fires should approximate the land cover composition available in their neighborhood. In this study we test(More)
The impact of forest clearance, and its replacement by Brachiaria pastures, on soil carbon reserves has been studied at many sites in the Brazilian Amazonia, but to date there appear to be no reports of similar studies undertaken in the Atlantic forest region of Brazil. In this study performed in the extreme south of Bahia, the changes in C and N content of(More)
Over the last 25 years more than 70 million ha of the native vegetation in Brazil have been replaced by pastures for beef production planted to grasses of the genus Brachiaria, and to a lesser extent Andropogon gayanus, both of African origin. Some years after implantation, these pastures decline in productivity, probably due to low availability of P, and(More)
The water retention properties of a natural loess from Northern France were investigated on intact block samples that were excavated along a high speed train line (TGV) that experienced stability problems during heavy rain episodes. Suction measurements were made by using the filter paper method and a home made high capacity tensiometer (HCT) so as to(More)
Excessive intensification of dairy and beef cattle production systems in the industrialised countries has led to serious problems of pollution of water resources and the atmosphere. In order to develop an appropriate alternative, a few studies have been made by various research teams in Brazil, using low fertiliser inputs and modest animal stocking rates.(More)
An analysis of an experimental procedure used to determine age-related changes in the skin was performed. The experiment is based on the propagation of a shear wave through the skin. The analysis of the experiment was used to determine the effects of parameters such as properties of the skin and subcutaneous fat, skin thickness and experimental conditions(More)
The effects of the stratum corneum and dermis on shear wave propagation along the skin surface was investigated using a mathematical model. The skin was modeled as two distinct viscoelastic layers, one representing the stratum corneum and the other representing the dermis. The layers were supported by a semi-infinite visco-elastic half-space representing(More)
A scheme was developed to classify muscles according to their primary, secondary and tertiary functions, e.g. a muscle which produces primarily a flexion moment may also produce secondary abduction and tertiary internal rotation moments. The functions of muscles crossing the hip and knee joints were computed based upon the changing relative positions of(More)
A wave propagation technique was used to measure the dynamic viscoelastic properties of excised skin when subjected to a low incremental strain. The propagation velocity, attenuation, and storage and loss moduli were determined from measured characteristics of a pulse propagating along a strip of skin. Experiments were conducted with the skin subjected to(More)
Fruits of Myrcianthes pungens Berg. Legr. (Myrtaceae), known as guabiju, are widely consumed fresh as well as dried, processed into jam, marmalade, and juices. In this study, chemical composition and antichemotactic and antioxidant activities of fruits from a wild type (GB) and 2 genotypes, PL2 and PL1, of guabiju were investigated. Total anthocyanins for(More)