José Luiz Góes de Oliveira

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The consent of patient before the beginning of any procedure has to be a respected condition, without any exception. It is necessary the patients to be aware of their health status, their specific(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients receiving regular hemodialysis have a lower body mass index, which is mainly caused by the reduction of fat mass and body cell mass (BCM) and the accompanying extracellular water(More)
OBJECTIVE Kidney transplantation restores renal filtration, although it does not achieve the function of 2 native kidneys, and with time it may involute back to chronic renal failure. We hypothesized(More)
This study evaluated the effect of framework design on the fracture resistance of metal-ceramic implant-supported crowns. Screw-retained molar crowns with a screw access hole composed of metal or(More)
OBJECTIVE Cyclosporine (CsA) therapy may be accompanied by a significant increase in blood pressure, either sodium (Na+) independent or Na+ dependent. The relationship between Na+ intake and body(More)
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