José Luis Zambrana García

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INTRODUCTION Know what proportion of patients hospitalized in the Internal Medicine services have multiple diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyzed 400 clinical histories of a random sample of patients admitted to 24 Internal Medicine services of Andalusia. We assessed the diagnostic categories present that make it possible to classify patients as(More)
BACKGROUND the compression of the third portion of the duodenum by the superior mesenteric artery (aorto-mesenteric clamp) is a rare cause of abdominal pain. Its clinical appearance may range between an asymptomatic and accidental radiological finding and an acute duodenal ileus (superior mesenteric artery syndrome), which requires urgent surgical(More)
BASIS To know the proportion of medical interventions carried out in the Services of Internal Medicine of the public hospitals of Andalusia based on randomized clinical trials. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have analyzed the primary treatments prescribed in a random sample of 326 patients admitted to these Internal Medicine services during 1998. RESULTS One(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyse the impact of computerised systems in Radiology and Laboratory Departments on the reduction in the waiting time of the patients attending to an Internal Medicine outpatient consultation organised in a high resolution model. METHODS For one year, we studied the delay in diagnostic explorations (laboratory test, simple radiology,(More)