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Individual molecules of the giant protein titin span the A-bands and I-bands that make up striated muscle. The I-band region of titin is responsible for passive elasticity in such muscle, and contains tandem arrays of immunoglobulin domains. One such domain (I27) has been investigated extensively, using dynamic force spectroscopy and simulation. However,(More)
The present study analyzes the changes in acceleration produced by swimmers before and after fatiguing effort. The subjects (n = 15) performed a 25-m crawl series at maximum speed without fatigue, and a second series with fatigue. The data were registered with a synchronized system that consisted of a position transducer (1 kHz) and a video photogrametry(More)
Crystalline S(urface)-layers are the most commonly observed cell surface structures in prokaryotic organisms (bacteria and archaea). S-layers are highly porous protein meshworks with unit cell sizes in the range of 3 to 30 nm, and thicknesses of ~10 nm. One of the key features of S-layer proteins is their intrinsic capability to form self-assembled mono-(More)
In this work we present a unified method to study the mechanical properties of cells using the atomic force microscope. Stress relaxation and creep compliance measurements permitted us to determine, the relaxation times, the Young moduli and the viscosity of breast cancer cells (MCF-7). The results show that the mechanical behaviour of MCF-7 cells responds(More)
Laccases are an interesting group of multi copper enzymes, which have received much attention of researchers in the last decades due to their ability to oxidise both phenolic and nonphenolic lignin-related compounds as well as highly recalcitrant environmental pollutants. This makes these biocatalysts very useful for their application in several(More)
Thirty-six adult men were randomly assigned to a remote stimulation group (RS; n = 18) or control group (CTL; n = 18). The RS group unilaterally performed a 10-minute surface electrical stimulation program (frequency 100 Hz, impulse 300 micros, 10 seconds on/10 seconds off) on the rectus femoris of the non-dominant leg. The subjects of the CTL group relaxed(More)
A new method for estimating the contact point in AFM force curves, based on a local regression algorithm, is presented. The main advantage of this method is that can be easily implemented as a computer algorithm and used for a fully automatic detection of the contact points in the approach force curves on living cells. The estimated contact points have been(More)
Amyloid fibrils are commonly observed to adopt multiple distinct morphologies, which eventually can have significantly different neurotoxicities, as e.g. demonstrated in case of the Alzheimer peptide. The architecture of amyloid deposits is apparently also determined by the stereochemistry of amino acids. Post-translational changes of the chirality of(More)
Models for the organization of sterols into regular arrays within phospholipid bilayers have been proposed previously. The existence of such arrays in real systems has been supported by the fact that concentration-dependent sterol properties show discontinuities at the cholesterol mole fractions corresponding to regular lattice arrangements. Experimental(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the electromyographic (EMG) coherence between the lower limb and the core muscles when carrying out two postural tasks at different difficulty levels. EMG was recorded in 20 healthy male subjects while performing two independent quiet standing tasks. The first one involved a bipedal stance with the eyes open, while the(More)