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Increasing motivation of students and helping them to reflect on their learning processes is an important driver for learning analytics research. This paper presents our research on the development of a dashboard that enables self-reflection on activities and comparison with peers. We describe evaluation results of four iterations of a design based research(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study about two language learning MOOCs deployed in the UNED COMA platform. The study identifies three research questions: a) How does activity evolve in these MOOCs? b) Are all learning activities relevant?, and c) Does the use of the target language influence?. We conclude that the MOOC activity drops not only due to the(More)
This paper introduces novel ways of improving awareness and reflection through visualizations of badges as an abstraction of learning analytics data. We report initial findings with both a personal dashboard approach, Navi Badgeboard, that provides details on student and class progress, and a collaborative, interactive tabletop visualization, Navi Surface,(More)
This paper introduces LARAe (Learning Analytics Reflection & Awareness environment), a teacher-oriented dashboard that visualizes learning traces from students, badges and course content. We also present an evaluation of the dashboard in a course on Human-Computer Interaction. The LARAe teacher dashboard provides a detailed overview of group and individual(More)
This paper reports on our research on the use of learning analytics dashboards to support awareness, self-reflection, sensemaking and impact for learners. So far, little research has been done to evaluate such dashboards with students and to assess their impact on learning. In this paper, we present the results of an evaluation study of our dashboard,(More)
ARIADNE is a European foundation that aims to foster " Share and Reuse " of learning resources. To support this goal, ARIADNE has created an infrastructure for managing learning objects in an open and scalable way. This paper describes the technical approach behind our open, standards based infrastructure, how content providers can connect to it, and the(More)
The collection and management of learning traces, metadata about actions that students perform while they learn, is a core topic in the domain of Learning Analytics. In this paper, we present a simple architecture for collecting and managing learning traces. We describe requirements, different components of the architecture, and our experiences with the(More)