José-Luis Sancho-Gómez

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Pattern classification has been successfully applied in many problem domains, such as biometric recognition, document classification or medical diagnosis. Missing or unknown data are a common drawback that pattern recognition techniques need to deal with when solving real-life classification tasks. Machine learning approaches and methods imported from(More)
Missing data is a common drawback in many real-life pattern classification scenarios. One of the most popular solutions is missing data imputation by the K nearest neighbours ðKNNÞ algorithm. In this article, we propose a novel KNN imputation procedure using a feature-weighted distance metric based on mutual information (MI). This method provides a missing(More)
This paper presents a linguistic approach based on weighted-finite state transducers for the lexical normalisation of Spanish Twitter messages. The system developed consists of transducers that are applied to out-of-vocabulary tokens. Transducers implement linguistic models of variation that generate sets of candidates according to a lexicon. A statistical(More)
In many real-life applications it is important to know how to deal with missing data (incomplete feature vectors). The ability of handling missing data has become a fundamental requirement for pattern classification because inappropriate treatment of missing data may cause large errors or false results on classification. A novel effective neural network is(More)
This paper explores the possibility of constructing RBF classifiers which, somewhat like support vector machines, use a reduced number of samples as centroids, by means of selecting samples in a direct way. Because sample selection is viewed as a hard computational problem, this selection is done after a previous vector quantization: this way obtaining also(More)
Atherosclerosis is one of the most extended cardiovascular diseases nowadays. Although it may be unnoticed during years, it also may suddenly trigger severe illnesses such as stroke, embolisms or ischemia. Therefore, an early detection of atherosclerosis can prevent adult population from suffering more serious pathologies. The intima–media thickness (IMT)(More)
Atherosclerosis is responsible for a large proportion of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), which are the leading cause of death in the world. The atherosclerotic process is a complex degenerative condition mainly affecting the mediumand large-size arteries, which begins in childhood and may remain unnoticed during decades. It causes thickening and the(More)
The imputation of unknown or missing data is a crucial task on the analysis of biomedical datasets. There are several situations where it is necessary to classify or identify instances given incomplete vectors, and the existence of missing values can much degrade the performance of the algorithms used for the classification/recognition. The task of learning(More)