José Luis Sánchez-López

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We present a vision based control strategy for tracking and following objects using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. We have developed an image based visual servoing method that uses only a forward looking camera for tracking and following objects from a multi-rotor UAV, without any dependence on GPS systems. Our proposed method tracks a user specified object(More)
We have developed an analytical assay to detect the enzymatic activity of acetylcholine esterase and alkaline phosphatase based on the generation of quantum dots by enzymatic products. Acetylcholine esterase converts acetylthiocholine into thiocholine. The latter enhances the rate of decomposition of sodium thiosulfate into H(2)S, which in the presence of(More)
We report the first observation of two Cabibbo–suppressed decay modes, Ξc → Σππ and Ξc → Σππ. We observe 56 ± 13 over a background of 21, and 23 ± 7 over a background of 12 events, respectively, for the signals. The data were accumulated using the SELEX spectrometer during the 1996–1997 fixed target run at Fermilab, chiefly from a 600GeV/c Σ beam. The(More)
The objective of this paper is to design a path following control system for a car-like mobile robot using classical linear control techniques, so that it adapts on-line to varying conditions during the trajectory following task. The main advantages of the proposed control structure is that well known linear control theory can be applied in calculating the(More)
Polyamines are key regulators of cell development and many plant responses to environmental challenges, however, their functions still remain unclear in complex interactions with other hormones and in biotic or abiotic stress. This lack of knowledge derives from the difficulties on measuring natural polyamines in plants. Here, we present a fast multiresidue(More)
Lateral flow assay tests are nowadays becoming powerful, low-cost diagnostic tools. Obtaining a result is usually subject to visual interpretation of colored areas on the test by a human operator, introducing subjectivity and the possibility of errors in the extraction of the results. While automated test readers providing a result-consistent solution are(More)
In this paper, we apply a hierarchical tracking strategy of planar objects (or that can be assumed to be planar) that is based on direct methods for vision-based applications on-board UAVs. The use of this tracking strategy allows to achieve the tasks at real-time frame rates and to overcome problems posed by the challenging conditions of the tasks: e.g.(More)