José Luis Roldán

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Organizational agility (OA), as a key dynamic capability, is a firm’s ability to enable sensing environmental changes and responding efficiently and effectively to them. This study explores this topic further by analyzing the part played by the information systems capabilities (ISC) variable as an antecedent of OA, and absorptive capacity (AC) as a mediator(More)
Submission (Oral request): May 19, 2008<lb>Student Grant (Travel bursary) Request: May 19, 2008<lb>Author Submission Acceptance Notification: May 26, 2008 Student Grant Notification: May 26, 2008 Early Bird Registration Fee: June 09, 2008<lb>Abstract Submission (Poster request): July 31, 2008<lb>Manuscript Submission (PSSa): Sep 30, 2008<lb>Organised by SEM(More)
Common Method Bias (CMB) represents one of the most frequently cited concerns among Information System (IS) and social science researchers. Despite the broad number of commentaries lamenting the importance of CMB, most empirical studies have relied upon Monte Carlo simulations, assuming that all of the sources of bias are homogenous in their impact.(More)
This study examines post-adoption behaviors (i.e., frequency of use, routinization and infusion) and their effects on the sense of community in the domain of social network sites. In particular, this contribution formulates mediation hypotheses, which posit how frequency of use affects social integration via routinization and infusion. The data was(More)