José Luis Rodríguez-Sotelo

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ECG heartbeat type detection and classification are regarded as important procedures since they can significantly help to provide an accurate automated diagnosis. This paper addresses the specific problem of detecting atrial premature beats, that had been demonstrated to be a marker for stroke risk or cardiac arrhythmias. The proposed methodology consists(More)
The computer-assisted analysis of biomedical records has become an essential tool in clinical settings. However, current devices provide a growing amount of data that often exceeds the processing capacity of normal computers. As this amount of information rises, new demands for more efficient data extracting methods appear. This paper addresses the task of(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of quantifying the commonly observed disorganization of the stereotyped wave form of the ERP associated with the P300 component in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. To that extent, we propose two new measures of complexity which relate the spectral content of the signal with its temporal waveform: the spectral matching(More)
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