José Luis Roda García

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Following Karp's discrete Dynamic Programming (DP) approach, this work extends the sequential model for monadic DP to the parallel case. We propose general parallel DP algorithms for pipeline and ring networks. The study of the optimality of these algorithms leads us to the introduction of new classes of multistage automata. However, the important class of(More)
The parallelization of the dynamic programming algorithm for the integral knapsack problem is approached from several perspectives. Two of them proceed by dividing the set of objects, while a third one proceeds by partitioning the set of capacities. Furthermore, we propose a new sequential algorithm and its parallelization by reducing the integral knapsack(More)
Dynamic programming is an important paradigm that has been widely used to solve problems in various areas such as control theory, operation research, biology and computer science. We generalize the finite automaton formal model for dynamic programming deriving pipeline parallel algorithms. The optimality of these algorithms is established for the new class(More)
Model Transformations constitute a key component in the evolution of Model Driven Software Development (MDSD). MDSD tools base their full potential on transformation specifications between models. Several languages and tools are already in production, and OMG's MDA is currently undergoing a standardization process of these specifications. In this paper, we(More)