José Luis Ponce de León

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Despite ongoing efforts to protect species and ecosystems in Cuba, habitat degradation, overuse and introduction of alien species have posed serious challenges to native freshwater fish species. In spite of the accumulated knowledge on the systematics of this freshwater ichthyofauna, recent results suggested that we are far from having a complete picture of(More)
The genus Rivulus is currently comprised of two species, R. cylindraceus and R. insulaepinorum, which are endemic to Cuba. However, the taxonomic status of the latter species remains dubious because of the poor quality of the original description. In addition, a recent barcoding survey suggests that the two species may be conspecific. The aim of this study(More)
The following work provides basic information about the life history of 10 Cuban species of the family Poeciliidae. Adult fish stocks were captured in their natural habitat, and litters obtained from them were raised and maintained in captivity for 19 weeks. For each species, we present the mean value of newborn length (TLo ), age at sexual maturity (AM),(More)
In Spain, there are more than 250,000 tractors built before 1980, when it became mandatory for all new tractors to be equipped with a rollover protective structure (ROPS). A similar situation is found in the European Union, but the situation is worse in the U.S. and in developing countries. Directive 2003/37/EEC establishes that tractors over 800 kg weight(More)
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