José Luis Martín Sánchez

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This paper presents an automatic method for reducing the part-of-speech tagset to be considered by a word prediction system in Portuguese. The method is based on a similarity measure applied to a association matrix, generated by employing a odds ratio association measure in the bigrams of parts-of-speech (bipos) probability distribution in a corpus. The(More)
People with physical disabilities may have serious problems to use computer keyboards to write. For this reason, they may use specific tools that include systems to assist the writing process, such us word prediction, in order to reduce the number of keystrokes needed to write the text. Word prediction may be based on different sources of information:(More)
Word prediction is a process that tries to guess the word a user is writing, at the same time he/she is doing it. It is mainly used to decrease the effort needed to write a text in applications devoted to people with disabilities. In this paper, we describe a proposal for the architecture of advanced word prediction systems. The proposed architecture is(More)
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