José Luis March

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Using electron microscopy (EM) of negatively stained samples, we have systematically explored the effect of aluminum and other multivalent cations on neurofilaments (NFs) in vitro. Interactions of these cations were investigated with bovine, rabbit, and rat spinal cord native NFs, and with 10-nm filaments reconstituted from the 68-kDa subunit (NF-L)(More)
A key issue to reduce the number of deadline misses and improve energy savings in embedded real-time systems is to accurately estimate the execution time of tasks as a function of the processor frequency. Existing execution time models however, use to rely on off-line analysis or on the assumption that the memory access time (quantified in processor cycles)(More)
Chip multiprocessors (CMPs) are becoming the common choice to implement embedded systems due to they achieve a good tradeoff between performance and power. Because of manufacturability reasons, CMPs use to implement one or several memory controllers, each one shared by a set of cores. Thus, memory requests from distinct cores compete among them when(More)
The effects of the neurotoxin aluminum on markers of synaptic neurotransmission, adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate, and neurofilaments have been evaluated in a neuroblastoma x glioma hybridoma (NG108-15). Cells were exposed for 4 days to 2 mM aluminum lactate, a concentration that did not suppress growth. Compared to controls, the activity of choline(More)
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