José Luis Lerma

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Documentation of monuments includes not only geometric analysis but also the detection of alterations and pathologies to define proper actions for protection and preservation. Several pathologies can be found on façades such as moisture, detachments, leaks and replacements. Multispectral techniques can help users to detect and determine these phenomena.(More)
Radiometric values on digital imagery are affected by several sources of uncertainty. A practical, comprehensive and flexible procedure to analyze the radiometric values and the uncertainty effects due to the camera sensor system is described in this paper. The procedure is performed on the grey level output signal using image raw units with digital numbers(More)
Visible photography has long been used in the field of architecture for documentation and restoration tasks. However, the automatic extraction and analysis of facade features, i. e. materials and alterations, is unusual in most of multidisciplinary teams involving documentation, conservation and restoration projects. This paper shows the profitability of(More)
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