José Luis López-Paz

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Nanomolecular World Jorge Escorihuela,† Miguel Ángel Gonzaĺez-Martínez,† Jose ́ Luis Loṕez-Paz,† Rosa Puchades,† Ángel Maquieira,† and David Gimenez-Romero*,‡ †Department of Chemistry, Institute of Molecular Recognition and Technological Development, Universitat Politec̀nica de Valeǹcia, Camino de Vera s/n, 46022 Valeǹcia, Spain ‡Physical Chemistry(More)
The determination of dimethoate using either its native chemiluminescent (CL) properties or its photoinduced chemiluminescence obtained by irradiation with a 15 W low-pressure mercury lamp was studied. Thereby, two flow injection systems (FIA) with and without irradiation were exhaustively optimized and their analytical characteristics studied. Better(More)
A new and sensitive application of chemiluminescence detection has been developed for the determination of the pesticide thiacloprid in water. It was based on the on-line photoreaction of thiacloprid in a basic medium, with quinine acting as the sensitizer of the chemiluminescent response; cerium (IV) in sulfuric acid medium was used as the oxidant. High(More)
A simple, economic, sensitive and rapid method for the determination of the pesticide diquat was described. This new method was based on the coupling of flow injection analysis methodology and direct chemiluminescent detection; to the authors' knowledge, this approach had not been used up to now with this pesticide. It was based on its oxidation with(More)
A new method for the determination of the herbicide diuron, using a flow injection manifold and photoinduced chemiluminescence detection, is presented. The pesticide, in basic medium, was irradiated on-line with UV light (254 nm) for 53 s. A short discussion about the possible irradiation products is included. The chemiluminescent response of the(More)
A new, simple, and sensitive method, based on photoinduced chemiluminescence, was developed for the determination of quinmerac. The photoproduct, obtained after ultraviolet irradiation in basic medium, was mixed with sodium sulfite (sensitizer), and Ce(IV) (oxidant) in acid medium. A wide linear dynamic range (2-600 ng mL(-1)) and a limit of detection of(More)
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