José Luis Jurado

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This study analyzed the effects of 1 week administration of alprazolam (AL; 0.25 mg), lorazepam (LO; 1 mg) and placebo (PL) on sleep as well as their residual effects on attention upon awakening. Under a crossed, double-blind design, six healthy male volunteer subjects between 19 and 30 years of age were studied. After two habituation sessions and a control(More)
Amphetamine, a clinically used sympathomimetic central-acting drug, was administered in Spansule capsules in a blind schedule to 8 normal obse volunteers in a daily (8 a.m.) single 15 dose for 7 days. The study, conducted in the metabolic ward, included two 7 day placebo periods (pre- and post-drug). During the 1st placebo period, all subjects exhibited(More)
A sample of 42 healthy young male human subjects was submitted to whole night polysomnography and attention performance tests upon awakening (simple visuomotor reaction time, RT, and time estimation, TE). In order to test whether performance is related to specific sleep parameters, the 15 fastest subjects (mean = 210 msec) and 15 slowest subjects (mean =(More)
In this paper we present the preliminary results of an ongoing project called (KMM+G). It explores an approach to improve participation in knowledge management processes, in software development companies, through gamification. The paper documents a case study in which we compared two approaches to knowledge construction and refinement. One approach is(More)
Nine primary myxedematous patients were subjected to all-night polysomnographic recordings under the following conditions: (1) basal or myxedematous state; (2) acute replacement therapy (treatment with thyroid hormones at doses that increased weekly to the maximal replacement dose, Mrd); and (3) chronic replacement therapy (maintenance on the Mrd; euthyroid(More)
This paper presents an approach to the conceptual architecture of a proposal that seeks to integrate in a collaborative environment process knowledge management, from the perspective of gamification. In the same document those works that have a relationship with the work done and later presented the architectural layout of a collaborative environment, that(More)
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