José Luis González

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BACKGROUND Ischaemic heart disease is a global priority of health-care policy, because of its social repercussions and its impact on the health-care system. Yet there is little information on coronary morbidity in Spain and on the effect of the principal risk factors on risk of coronary heart disease. The objective of this study is to describe the(More)
A study of 56 sexual active women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) was conducted in Mexico City, to determine wether the risk for this condition is altered by using oral contraceptives. Responses of a standardized questionnaire compared 29 patients under oral contraceptive (OC) treatment and 27 control subjects selected from the same screening(More)
BACKGROUND Despite its many known shortcomings, body mass index (BMI) is the most widely used measure of obesity, in part because of its practicality. Other more physiologic measurements of obesity have been proposed, including percent body fat (BF). Few studies have compared BMI and BF, especially in patients with coronary heart disease (CHD). METHODS We(More)
OBJECTIVE In recent years, a good deal of serious research has been carried out on the hypothesized presence of generalized hypervigilance to sensory stimulation in fibromyalgia (FM). However, there are no studies which, following an operationalization of generalized hypervigilance as a propensity to attend to any task-irrelevant stimuli presented, make use(More)
This paper presents an open architecture design to implement fuzzy logic controllers (FLC) on a field programmable gate array (FPGA) integrated circuit. This non-fixed structures design is capable of fuzzy inference engine (FIE) parameters on-line user specification, achieves a design space that includes Mamdani FIE, max-min rule evaluation, and weighted(More)
Evidence coming from neuropsychological studies has showed the presence of cognitive alterations in fibromyalgia. Such dysfunctions are especially remarkable when the set in motion of executive control processes, such as inhibition, is required to perform successfully; however, neural data related to these mechanisms are very scarce. Present study tried to(More)
The growing demand for service robots requires a better and more natural human-machine interaction. Given that an important part of human communication is non-verbal, it is necessary to endow robots with gestural communication capabilities similar to humans. This paper describes the design and construction of a realistic, mechatronic head with high gesture(More)
Cognitive map and fuzzy logic controller hybrid model is presented in this paper. Sample control applications are included to demonstrate incorporation of analytical and empirical knowledge on the fuzzy cognitive map construction with the purpose of generating fuzzy logic controller (FLC) design on-line. Cognitive map state vector includes all FLC-defining(More)
This paper presents a course to strengthen Digital Systems Design skills using Reconfigurable Hardware as a tool in a interdisciplinary problem based learning model; system level scenarios allow in-context evaluation of reconfigurable hardware (FPGA) and hardware description language (VHDL) capabilities. The course promotes learning as a constructive,(More)