José Luis González-Vidal

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The physical properties and the effect of effective surface area (ESA) on the sensing properties of tin dioxide [SnO2] thin films in air and propane [C3H8] atmosphere as a function of operating temperature and gas concentration have been studied in this paper. SnO2 thin films with different estimated thicknesses (50, 100 and 200 nm) were deposited on glass(More)
Chromium and ruthenium-doped zinc oxide (ZnO:Cr) and (ZnO:Ru) thin solid films were deposited on soda-lime glass substrates by the sol-gel dip-coating method. A 0.6 M solution of zinc acetate dihydrate dissolved in 2-methoxyethanol and monoethanolamine was used as basic solution. Chromium (III) acetylacetonate and Ruthenium (III) trichloride were used as(More)
Gas sensors based on various principles and configurations have been studied for several years. Some of them are based on resistance variation of sensing layers. On the other hand, floating-gate MOSFETs can modify its threshold voltage by means of a chemical reaction. Here a study is made to prove that the charge produced by such chemical reaction can(More)
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