José Luis Gómez Barroso

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After more than a decade of development work and hopes, the usage of mobile Internet has finally taken off. Now, we are witnessing the first signs of evidence of what might become the explosión of mobile content and applications that will be shaping the (mobile) Internet of the future. Similar to the wired Internet, search will become very relevant for the(More)
Combinatorial auctions are a promising auction format for allocating radio spectrum, as well as other goods. An important handicap of combinatorial auctions is determining the winner bids among many options, that is, solving the winner determination problem (WDP). This paper tackles this computational problem using two approaches in a combinatorial(More)
It has taken more than a decade of intense technical and market developments for mobile Internet to take off as a mass phenomenon. And it has arrived with great intensity: an avalanche of mobile content and applications is now overrunning us. Similar to its wired counterpart, wireless Web users will continuously demand access to data and content in an(More)
It is important to note that there is no single architecture for using IP technology with voice applications, and the development of one model or the other would bring on very different consequences for the structure and balance of the market. In the broader sense with which it is used, VoIP is not a synonym for " voice over the Inter-net; " truly speaking(More)