José Luis Cortés

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BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori has been strongly associated with chronic gastritis, peptic and duodenal ulcers, and it is a risk factor for gastric cancer. Three major virulence factors of H. pylori have been described: the vacuolating toxin (VacA), the cytotoxin-associated gene product (CagA) and the adhesion protein BabA2. Since considerable geographic(More)
The structure of the renormalization group equations for the low energy effective theory of gravity coupled to a scalar field is presented. An approximate solution to these equations with a finite number of independent renormalized parameters can be found when the mass scale characteristic of the fluctuations in the geometry is much smaller than the Planck(More)
The general structure of the renormalization group equations for the low energy effective field theory formulation of pure gravity is presented. The solution of these equations takes a particular simple form if the mass scale of the effective theory is much smaller than the Planck mass (a possibility compatible with the renormalization of the effective(More)
We show that it is possible to find an extension of the matter content of the standard model with a unification of gauge and Yukawa couplings reproducing their known values. The perturbative renor-malizability of the model with a single coupling and the requirement to accomodate the known properties of the standard model fix the masses and couplings of the(More)
The technique of extended dualization developed in this paper is used to bosonize quantized fermion systems in arbitrary dimension D in the low energy regime. In its original (minimal) form, dualization is restricted to models wherein it is possible to define a dynamical quantized conserved charge. We generalize the usual dualization prescription to include(More)
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