José Luis Chacón

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Prompted by the lack of cross-cultural comparative data, and because a better understanding in the different clinical presentations of psychogenic movement disorders (PMDs) is relevant to neurological assessment and interventions, we compared the phenomenology, anatomical distribution, and functional impairment of PMDs in the United States and Spain.(More)
In order to characterise the influence of the heavy rains on the observed landslides during the 1996–1997 hydrological cycle, rainfall records for the last 100 years are analysed from 104 stations in eastern Andalusia. Regarding the amounts of rain recorded between October 1996 and March 1997 in the 104 stations studied, 31 presented new all-time records;(More)
Shaded stimuli have traditionally been used in the context of three-dimensional (3-D) shape perception. Many studies have shown a persistent asymmetry in that a circle filled with a shaded gradient that is dark at the top and bright at the bottom (top-dark circle) is much easier to locate among top-bright circles than in the opposite arrangement (a(More)
Previous research has shown a visual asymmetry in shaded stimuli where the perceived contrast depended on the polarity of their dark and light areas (Chacón, 2004). In particular, circles filled out with a top-dark luminance ramp were perceived with higher contrast than top-light ones although both types of stimuli had the same physical contrast. Here,(More)
We applied latent class analysis (LCA) to a set of neuropsychological data with the aim of corroborating the three cognitive profiles of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) described in the literature, namely: healthy, amnestic, non-amnestic, and multidomain. The ultimate purpose of the LCA was to try to find the underlying classification of MCI and related(More)
Most merging operators are defined by semantics methods which have very high computational complexity. In order to have operators with a lower computational complexity, some merging operators defined in a syntactical way have be proposed. In this work we define some syntactical merging operators and exploring its rationality properties. To do that we(More)
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