José Luis Alonso Berrocal

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Most models and techniques employed in Information Retireval at some time or other use frecuency counts of the terms appearing in both documents and queries. Many words that derive from the same stem have a close semantic content. Locating stems common to several words and grouping them by replacing them with the corresponding stem can improve the working(More)
One of the major problems in information retrieval is the formulation of queries on the part of the user. This entails specifying a set of words or terms that express their informational need. However, it is well-known that two people can assign different terms to refer to the same concepts. The techniques that attempt to reduce this problem as much as(More)
This paper describes our participation in bilingual retrieval (formulating queries in Spanish to retrieve documents in English), using an information retrieval (IR) system based on the vector model. Our aim was to carry out a simple approach to solve the problem, without expecting to obtain great results, especially owing to the short time available. The(More)
Social networks have become a large repository of comments which can extract multiple information. Twitter is one of the most widespread social networks and larger and is therefore an important source for detecting states of opinion, events and happenings before even the mainstream media. Topic detection is important to discover areas of interest that arise(More)
Automatic categorisation can be understood as a learning process during which a programme recognises the characteristics that distinguish each category or class from others, i.e. those characteristics which the documents should have in order to belong to that category. As yet few experiments have been carried out with documents in Spanish. Here we show the(More)
Resumen. La categorización automática puede contemplarse como un proceso de aprendizaje, durante el cual un programa capta las características que distinguen cada categoría o clase de las demás, es decir, aquéllas que deben poseer los documentos para pertenecer a esa categoría. De otro lado, pocos experimentos se han efectuado todavía con documentos en(More)