José Luis Alonso Berrocal

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One of the major problems in information retrieval is the formulation of queries on the part of the user. This entails specifying a set of words or terms that express their informa-tional need. However, it is well-known that two people can assign different terms to refer to the same concepts. The techniques that attempt to reduce this problem as much as(More)
Most models and techniques employed in Information Retireval at some time or other use frecuency counts of the terms appearing in both documents and queries. Many words that derive from the same stem have a close semantic content. Locating stems common to several words and grouping them by replacing them with the corresponding stem can improve the working(More)
Automatic categorisation can be understood as a learning process during which a programme recognises the characteristics that distinguish each category or class from others, i.e. those characteristics which the documents should have in order to belong to that category. As yet few experiments have been carried out with documents in Spanish. Here we show the(More)
This work has analyzed and evaluated the dissemination of research done at Spanish universities through the World Wide Web (WWW) in order to obtain a map of the visibility of the information available on this research and to propose measures for improving the quality of this diffusion, all within the social and institutional context of the European Area for(More)