José Luis Alba

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In a former work, we built a VLP (Vehicle License Plates) reader using computer vision. To test other methods, we decided to implement a whole new system from scratch. In this communication, we summarize the methods that we have tested and the results we have obtained. Plate location is based on mathematical morphology and character recognition is(More)
Hausdorff distance is a deformation tolerant measure between two sets of points. The main advantage of this measure is that it does not need an explicit correspondence between the points of the two sets. This paper presents the application to automatic face recognition of a novel supervised Hausdorff-based measure. This measure is designed to minimize the(More)
This paper introduces a supervised discriminant Hausdorff distance that fits into the framework for automatic face analysis and recognition proposed in [1]. Our proposal relies solely on face shape variation contrarily to most of the successful model-based approaches, and results show comparable performance to them. The whole framework is based in a new set(More)
This paper deals with car license plate detection (CLPD) system in order to identify vehicles by capturing their car license plates (CLP). Car license plate detection (CLPDS) is an emerging area of research due to various applications such as prevention of crime, electronic toll system, intelligent traffic control system etc. In the proposed system, after(More)
Corpus-based speech synthesis performance depends on the skill to model and represent appropriately all the characteristics of the speech units that serve as a basis for concatenation. Although there is usually general agreement in the set of essential features (fundamental frequency, duration, power and phonetic context), it is still an open question the(More)
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