José Lindenberg Rocha Sarmento

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We have studied the cardiac manifestations of connective tissue diseases. In 213 files of patients with connective tissue disease of the Department of Medicina I, Hospital Santa Maria, during 21 years. Cardiac manifestations were observed in 63 (90%) SLE. Pericarditis was the most frequent manifestation and occurred in 33 patients (43%). The cardiac(More)
The authors describe two cases with venous thromboembolism and neoplasia (ovary and stomach), which also showed evidence of arterial thromboembolic phenomena--cerebrovascular disease in the 1st case and acute myocardial infarction in the 2nd case--favouring the existence of nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis. This presentation of neoplastic(More)
We conducted a retrospective analysis on 311 patients with clinical diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE) in a period of 3 years. 163 patients were excluded based on clinical-laboratorial criteria. The remaining 146 patients had a median age of 69 years (range: 30-91 years). 54% of the patients were male. We found dyspnea (94%), abnormal cardiopulmonary(More)
Polynomial functions of different orders were used to model random effects associated with weight of Santa Ines sheep from birth to 196 days. Fixed effects included in the models were contemporary groups, age of ewe at lambing, and fourth-order Legendre polynomials for age to represent the average growth curve. In the random part, functions of different(More)
We evaluated genetic and environmental factors affecting age at first farrowing of sows in the Brazilian southeast. For this purpose, 466 observations regarding the age at first farrowing were made for Dalland-C40© animals belonging to two herds. The effects of the environmental factors on this trait were assessed by means of a model that included, as(More)
The aim was to estimate the covariance components and genetic parameters of carcass traits and body size of meat sheep by employing animal models for single and multi-trait analyses. Data were collected from herds of adult Santa Ines sheep. The ribeye area, subcutaneous fat thickness, and rump fat thickness, evaluated in vivo by ultrasound images of the(More)
The goal of this bibliographical study was to provide information about residual feed intake (RFI), a new criterion used in the selection of beef cattle for growth rate, food ingestion, and feed efficiency. RFI is calculated as the difference between real consumption and the quantity of food an animal is expected to eat based on its mean live weight and(More)
The authors described a case of acute miopericarditis with evolution towards dilated cardiomiopathy, secondary to Coxsackie B4 infection, in a patient developing a concomitant insulin dependent diabetes (DIDM), admitted to be also an expression of this infection. The pathogenesis and the immunological basis of this aggression is discussed and some(More)