José Ledesma

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To determine the etiology and susceptibility of uropathogens identified in women with uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections (UTI). PATIENTS AND METHODS In a multicenter study (ARESC) in 9 Spanish hospitals, 803 female patients with uncomplicated cystitis were consecutively enrolled and evaluated to identify the uropathogens(More)
While factors affecting shoal mate choice have been examined extensively in adult guppies (Poecilia reticulata), few studies have focused on the shoaling behavior of juveniles. In this study, juvenile guppies were tested for their ability to shoal as well as their response to shoal mates of different body size and to shoals with different numbers of(More)
We describe a prototype of a story generator that uses a multi-agent system and a planner to simulate and generate stories. The objective is to develop a system that is able to produce a wide range of stories by changing its configuration options and the domain knowledge. The resulting prototype is a proof of concept that integrates the simplest pieces that(More)
UNLABELLED Gonadotroph adenomas are difficult to diagnose since they usually show as nonsecreting tumors or produce biologically inactive hormones with no clinical effects and classically grow silent until neurological symptoms appear. Presentation with bilateral ovarian masses and ovarian hyperstimulation has been described in fertile years. Gonadotroph(More)
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