José Lauro de Araújo Ramos

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OBJECTIVE This article aims at reviewing the relationship between early weaning and its consequences to oral motor development, focusing on the consequences to occlusion, breathing, and children's oral motor aspects. SOURCES A literature review based on Medline database from the early 60s up to 2001 was performed taking into consideration the following(More)
Patients with hereditary angioedema have episodes of local swelling, usually affecting the face, extremities, upper airway, and gastrointestinal tract. Only infrequently does it cause recurrent abdominal pain (with or without ascites); however, because it has potentially life-threatening complications, an early diagnosis is important. We describe a case of(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of immunodominant peptides containing the IgE and IgG epitopes on allergen molecules is an important step in understanding the interaction of the allergen with the immune system and, thus, essential for the development of effective immunotherapeutic and diagnostic reagents. The present study aimed to map the IgE and IgG(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the immune response of preterm infants to hepatitis B vaccination. METHODS Three doses of recombinant hepatitis B vaccine (5 micro g dose) were administered to 35 preterm and 21 full-term infants within 24 hours after birth and at one and six months of postnatal age. RESULTS A protective antibody response (anti-HB > 10 mUI/mL)(More)
Fluid management and dosage regimens of drugs in preterm infants should be based on the glomerular filtration rate. The current methods to determine glomerular filtration rate are invasive, time-consuming, and expensive. In contrast, creatinine clearance can be easy obtained and quickly determined. The purpose of this study was to compare plasma creatinine(More)
We report a case of non-familial hyperekplexia which characteristically developed apnea and feeding difficulties in the neonatal period. The abnormal startle response was evident from the second week of life onwards. The infant showed a marked improvement of the startle response and muscle hypertonia with clonazepam. Clobazam was also tried with no apparent(More)
The Authors present a case of subcutaneous mucormycosis occurring in a patient with clinical and biochemical evidence of diabetic ketoacidosis. The clinical, mycological and histopathological features are described, emphasizing the relevance of a rapid diagnosis in order to stablish early treatment. The clinical forms of mucormycosis and the main associated(More)
BACKGROUND Blo t 11 is a high molecular weight allergen from Blomia tropicalis with significant immunoglobulin (Ig)E binding frequency. Native and recombinant Blo t 11 are susceptible to degradation and the isolation and expression of the allergen is problematic thus obtaining sufficient amounts of purified Blo t 11 for antibody production is limiting.(More)