José Lapetra Peralta

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Objective. To validate two monitors on the market for self-measurement of blood pressure (SMBP), an automatic one (OMRON HEM-705 CP) and a semi-automatic one (OMRON M1).Design. Descriptive study of validation of diagnostic tests.Setting. Primary care. San Pablo University Health Centre, Sevilla.Participants. 85 individuals (20 men and 65 women) with a wide(More)
OBJECTIVE A comparative study of the level and type of tooth loss, and the use of dental prostheses, was performed on one diabetic sample and another non-diabetic one, taken from elderly people receiving health care at the San Pablo Health Centre, Sevilla, in order to assess the repercussion of diabetes on tooth loss. DESIGN A descriptive and(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The white coat phenomenon is said to occur when the difference between systolic/diastolic blood pressure measured during visits to the doctor's office and in ambulatory recordings is greater than 20/10. These absolute differences, known as the white coat effect, may lead to normotensive patients being classified as having white(More)
The aim of this study was to explore temporal changes in stroke mortality in Andalusia over the period 1975-1992. Mortality rates were standardized directly using those of the European population as the standard, and regression analysis was undertaken. Age standardized overall mortality rates for stroke decreased considerably among men, from 199.42 to(More)
BACKGROUND The possible influence of the variations in blood pressure and the plasma renin activity (PRA) after the administration of nifedipine (NIF) on the natriuretic effect of this calcium antagonist were evaluated. METHODS The differences in the values of sodium excretion and tubular reabsorption were evaluated in 18 patients with essential(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the eating habits of the adult population of an urban health district. DESIGN Descriptive cross-sectional study. SETTING Primary care. Urban health centre. PARTICIPANTS 260 people (124 men and 136 women) over 20 (mean age of 43.6 +/- 17.1; 42.0 +/- 16.4 for men and 45.1 +/- 17.7 for women), selected at random from among those living(More)