José L. Valcarce

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This paper describes Discover, a program for learning and teaching geometry with the help of a computer. The program is a dynamic geometry environment that can communicate with Mathematica, using its symbolic capabilities to perform geometric discovery or rediscovery. Discover is specially suited to be used as a learning tool for geometry from the ages of(More)
We describe the capabilities of Lugares for obtaining the equations and graphs of plane loci. Lugares is a Windows program written in Prolog that offers a standard dynamic geometry environment and uses the symbolic capabilities of CoCoA, a computer algebra system specialized in Groebner basis computations, or Mathematica. The main novelty in Lugares(More)
Dynamic geometry programs provide environments where accurate construction of geometric configurations can be done. Nevertheless, intrinsic limitations in their standard development technology mostly produce objects that are equationally unknown and so can not be further used in constructions. In this paper, we pursue the development of a geometric system(More)
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