José L. Torrea

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A well known result by Rubio de Francia asserts that for every finite family of disjoint intervals {I k } in R, and p in the range 2 ≤ p < ∞, there exists Cp > 0 such that X k r k S I k f L p L p ([0,1]) (R) ≤ Cpf L p (R) , where the r k 's are the Rademacher functions. In this note we prove that, given a compact connected abelian group G with dual group Γ(More)
A cost-effectiveness analysis was made to determine the effectiveness of the following strategies of mass immunization with the new recombinant vaccine against the hepatitis B virus in Spain: vaccination of adolescents, newborns, both populations, and vaccination plus passive immunization of newborns of HBsAg positive mothers. Decision trees supported on(More)
For each p in [1,∞) let Ep denote the closure of the region of holomorphy of the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck semigroup {Ht : t > 0} on L with respect to the Gaussian measure. Sharp weak type and strong type estimates are proved for the maximal operator f 7→ H∗pf = sup{|Hzf| : z ∈ Ep} and for a class of related operators. As a consequence, a new and simpler proof of(More)
In this paper we discuss a transference method of L p-boundedness properties for harmonic analysis operators in the Hermite setting to the corresponding operators in the Laguerre context. As a byproduct of our procedure we obtain new characterizations of certain classes of Banach spaces and Köethe spaces.
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