José L. Rodríguez

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We describe a procedure, RNAPol-ChIP, to measure actual transcriptional rate. It consists of the detection, by chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), of RNA polymerase II within the coding region of genes. To do this, the DNA immunoprecipitated with polymerase antibodies is analysed by PCR, using an amplicon well within the coding region of the desired genes(More)
  • Saily Alfonso, Rosa M Diaz, Ana de la Torre, Eduardo Santiesteban, Frank Aguirre, Kirenia Pérez +12 others
  • 2007
Conventional treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has apparently reached a plateau of effectiveness in improving the survival of the patients. For that reason the search for new therapeutic strategies in this type of tumor is justified. 1E10 is an anti-idiotype murine monoclonal antibody (Ab2 MAb) specific to P3 Ab1 MAb, which reacts with(More)
A group homomorphism η : H → G is called a localization of H if every Libman showed that a localization of a finite group need not be finite. This is exemplified by a well-known representation A n → SO n−1 (R) of the alternating group A n , which turns out to be a localization for n even and n ≥ 10. Emmanuel Farjoun asked if there is any upper bound in(More)
Adventitious organogenesis from zygotic embryos is one of the most reliable techniques to propagate clonal Pinus radiata individuals. Regulation of gene expression has an important role to generate a correct caulogenic pattern, and genomic DNA methylation is amongst the main studied regulatory mechanisms in animals and plants. The aim of this work is to(More)
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