José L. Pantoja

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Introduction Producers have many choices of diverse tillage practices for their corn (Zea mays L.) production systems. However, no-till has become an important soil management practice to help reduce water and wind erosion, as well as nutrient runoff, while conserving soil moisture for crop use. No-till systems also help farmers by saving labor and time, as(More)
Little information exists on the potential for N fertilizer application to corn ( L.) to affect NO emissions during subsequent unfertilized crops in a rotation. To determine if N fertilizer application to corn affects NO emissions during subsequent crops in rotation, we measured NO emissions for 3 yr (2011-2013) in an Iowa, corn-soybean [ (L.) Merr.](More)
This paper describes a new type of anaerobic bioreactor with a fixed-structure bed (ABFSB) in which the support for the biomass consists of polyurethane foam strips placed along the length of the bioreactor. This configuration prevents the accumulation of biomass or solids in the bed as well as clogging and channeling effects. In this study, complex(More)
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