José L. Gil

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Most of the TCP/IP applications running over mobile communication systems such as GPRS, UMTS or CDMA1X-EV/DO use TCP as the transport protocol. The end-to-end performance of an application depends significantly on the performance of TCP. In particular, when a mobile device moves between two cells an entire burst of packets might be lost. How well TCP(More)
We present a 15-year-old patient diagnosed with peripheral neurofibromatosis (NF-1), who was admitted with paraparesis caused by a large intrathoracic tumor with an intracanalicular component that affected the spinal cord. After surgery his condition improved, but a year later he suffered a relapse and died. Histologically the tumor was diagnosed as(More)
Centro central anastomosis (CCA) is the connection created by means of a nerve autograft placed between the fascicles of the proximal stump of a sectioned nerve. We have used this technique in the laboratory and in the human to avoid the formation of a terminal neuroma after amputation of a limb. The aim of the present study is to know what is the quality(More)
The actions of flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) were assessed on the sleep cycle, heart and respiratory rates and skin potential fluctuations of normal volunteers and neurotic patients with insomnia by means of all night recordings. The most conspicuous effect of flunitrazepam (2 mg p.o.) in the healthy subject's sleep cycle was an increase of the latency for the(More)
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