José L. Fuertes

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Web accessibility for people with disabilities is a highly visible area of research in the field of ICT accessibility, including many policy activities across many countries. The commonly accepted guidelines for web accessibility (WCAG 1.0) were published in 1999 and have been extensively used by designers, evaluators and legislators. W3C-WAI published a(More)
To evaluate the global quality of a software agent it is necessary to define appropriate quality characteristics and to determine a set of measures for these features. A comprehensive set of measures has not yet been developed for agent-oriented software. However, some software measures have been adopted from other software paradigms, especially from the(More)
.cning Communication Skills to Hearing-Impaired Children The Mehida multimedia system offers hearingimpaired children an easy and appealing way to learn how to communicate with their hearing and deaf peers. Mehida helps them acquire various communication skills simultaneously: sign language, speech, fingerspelling, lip reading, reading, and writing.(More)
Despite having well-defined characteristics, software agents do not have a developed set of measures defining their quality. Attempts at evaluating software agent quality have focused on some agent aspects, like the development process, whereas others focusing on the agent as a software product have basically adopted measures associated with other software(More)
WCAG 2.0 was published in December 2008. It has many differences to WCAG 1.0 as to rationale, structure and content. Two years later there are still few tools supporting WCAG 2.0, and none of them fully mirrors the WCAG 2.0 approach organized around principles, guidelines, success criteria, situations and techniques. This paper describes the on-going(More)
This paper is part of research aimed at determining and evaluating software agent quality considering an agent’s distinctive characteristics, like social ability, autonomy, pro-activity, etc. We present a study of the pro-activity characteristic, regarded as the software agent’s goal-driven behavioral ability to take the initiative and satisfy its design(More)
Website accessibility evaluation is a complex task requiring a combination of human expertise and software support. There are several online and offline tools to support the manual web accessibility evaluation process. However, they all have some weaknesses because none of them includes all the desired features. In this paper we present Hera-FFX, an add-on(More)